We are Interior Plant experts based in North Vancouver, BC that can assist you and guide you to choose the best tropical plants and planters as well as living walls for your home and office.


We believe that Plants are far more important than just for decoration purposes; plants Improve your quality of life and work by releasing fresh air for you to breathe.

Come visit our new Plant Shop located at 1259 Marine Drive North Vancouver




Looking for some Tropical Plants for your home or office? you are in the right place! 
Have a look at our gallery, you'll find a wide Variety of High-Quality Tropical beauties. 
Not sure what plants to get? no worries, we can help you, we have the knowledge and expertise to choose the right plants for your space, send us a message!


Kokedamas are one of our featured one-of-a-kind items, they are great gift ideas or centerpieces.
It's a new, fun and creative way to present plants.
Kokedama means Moss-ball, it's a Japanese technique where you wrap the root system of the plant in a ball of soil that is after covered with green or sphagnum moss.
They come in many varieties of plants and sizes.


We do custom design and installations of Green walls and Preserved Moss walls.

Green & Moss walls are a great way to incorporate plants and greenery with Zero floor space, providing an extraordinary Visual Impact.

-Commercial and residential.

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